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#Wotachat is a chatroom that was started by pengie of unchained.

It is a place where many contributors and readers of International Wota hang out and talk about topics ranging from J-music, J-drama, J-language … and things non J-related.

Feel free to drop by and say hi! My desktop is always logged in, even though I may not be at my computer, but if you wanted to get a hold of me in real time, wotachat’s a pretty good bet.

If you’re not a fan of installing new programs on your computer, you can click on this link. All you need to do is enter a username and it will log you right into the channel using the web based IRC client, mibbit.

If you wanted to use a standalone IRC client, I would recommend mIRC for PCs and Colloquy for Macs. (I use both, for I have both. XD)

The server is: Rizon.net
The channel is obviously: #wotachat