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This week’s snippet features the two stars of the movie “Sukeban Deka: Codename Asamiya Saki”, Matsuura Aya and Ishikawa Rika. This is a clip from the making of Sukeban Deka. It’s subbed, so it’s quite fun to follow along with. The bit I’m showing here is covers the girls and their yo-yo-ing abilities. Aya’s part is quite amusing. She’s quite the enthusiastic yo-yo-ist (what DO you call a yo-yo person?  [ Read More ]

High-King, to You I Pledge My Fealty

Posted by maiZe June - 12 - 2008 6 Comments

Yesterday, High-King’s single ‘CC (Cinderella Complex)’ was released in Japan and thus put up on Hello!Online. I have ordered my copy, and it will soon be on its way to me, so, much like Buono!’s ‘Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!’ I don’t feel guilty doing a review (not that I really feel guilty reviewing things I don’t own…). But anyway, I haven’t spoken about this group as of yet, and so one of the  [ Read More ]

Okay… I don’t know how that Friends reference snuck in there, but I can deal with it… XD So, on Monday, the PV for Buono!’s ‘Kiss!Kiss!Kiss’ was posted on DohhUp! And I have to say that Buono! has done it again! I absolutely adore this PV and song. However, I’m beginning to feel that I’m going to love anything Buono! releases because of my undying devotion (okay… that may be  [ Read More ]

The Hello! Project 2008 Winter Concert reviews have been popping up all over the place in our little blogsphere. I’m here to put my two cents into the mix. Concert release times are my favourite time of the year in the H!P calendar. PVs and singles are all fine and dandy, but I love watching the girls sing live (lip syncing makes me want to cry). Live performances are where  [ Read More ]

C-ute's 'Namida no Iro' Gets 2 Thumbs Up!

Posted by maiZe April - 5 - 2008 3 Comments

Today marked the release of C-ute’s latest PV on Dohhh! UP. It also happens to be the birthday of the youngest Berryz Koubou member. Slap in the face to Risako, much? Just kidding, but I find it kind of funny that Berryz’s rival group released their PV today. It’s most likely just a coincidence, but you never know… XD On that note, HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY RISAKO!! Note: I started this  [ Read More ]

C-ute vs Berryz Koubou: 2 album reviews

Posted by maiZe March - 14 - 2008 12 Comments

First off, I don’t think I explicitly said this in my previous post, so: A big shoutout to Ray for hosting me on intlwota! Thank you so much for your help and generosity! I am ridiculously appreciative! 😀 So, C-ute’s 3rd album came out earlier this week, and of course that meant that I had to review it. I was so excited for this album. You would not believe how  [ Read More ]

Today, the package I’ve been waiting for from YesAsia finally arrived! The estimated date of arrival was originally given as this past Friday, but alas, I was not lucky enough to receive it in time for the weekend…. But it’s here now! That’s Buono!’s Café Buono! (LE) and A&R’s Shouri no Big Wave (Photobook LE). 2 weeks ago, I also got another shipment in, which I hadn’t posted here, so  [ Read More ]

Berryz Koubou wins again with Dschinghis Khan!

Posted by maiZe February - 24 - 2008 4 Comments

I realize that I’m behind on the times, but I got a little caught up with Kawaiirrhea’s “Hello! Project no Puzzle desu yo.” on ★MINI MONI MANIA★. But I finished the puzzle and I felt very accomplished when it was done. It’s so much fun! So, to get back to my blogging, I’m here to finally get my word in on Berryz Koubou’s new single, Dschinghis Khan. Before I go  [ Read More ]

All Morning Musume singles ranking – Part 3 of 3

Posted by maiZe February - 17 - 2008 1 Comment

Well, this took longer than I thought (so much going on this week), but it’s finally done!! And so without further ado, my top 14 Morning Musume singles!! 😀 14. Sakura Manaki – Sakura GumiThe longest song of all H!P releases (excluding remixes). This song is so pretty, vocally, instrumentally and PV-ally. XD I adore Sakura Gumi beacuse most of my favourite MM members of all time are within this  [ Read More ]

On to part 2 of my singles ranking. Here I shall list Morning Musumes singles from #28 up to #15. I’ve come to realize that it’s hard to think of ways to describe what you like about a single without being completely repetitive, or just copping out and saying “I just like it. I can’t explain it…” I’m doing my darndest to keep my reasoning and writing varied so as  [ Read More ]