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Why hello there readers!! (If any of you are left. XD) Today marks International Wota’s 4th birthday, so as to continue with tradition, here is my cake day post!! In previous years, I have always had (either homemade or bought) cake to celebrate. However, this year, I’ve been trying my hand at making crepes…. So… The photo in the background is a photo from Aichan’s blog – her birthday cake.  [ Read More ]

Japan Here I Come!!!

Posted by maiZe August - 6 - 2010 2 Comments

Hey everyone! I have been a horrible blogger – what with ignoring this blog for over 2 months now… However a bunch has been going on for me. In mid-June, my family moved from our home of 16.5 years into a new house. Packing and unpacking took forever, but I’m happy to say that I’m happily settled into the new house (my Morning Musume calendar and framed autographs have a  [ Read More ]

Happy 3rd Cake Day IW!!!

Posted by maiZe March - 18 - 2010 3 Comments

It’s hard to believe that International Wota is 3 years old today! A lot has happened with the site since I last celebrated IW’s Cake Day. But before I get into that…. CAKE!!! As you can see, this year’s Cake Day message is not as elaborate as last year’s. But this year, I did my best to draw out IW’s logo. I got better drawing materials this year, which is  [ Read More ]


Posted by maiZe March - 9 - 2010 0 Comment

Please excuse me as I have a massive fangirl attack. For those of you who don’t know, today, March 9, 2010, marks the North American release of Final Fantasy XIII. I bought my Playstation 3 back in December 2007 thinking that FFXIII would be coming out soon (I know… stupid, naive me… XD). Well, after all my waiting, it has finally arrived!!! My fandom of the Final Fantasy series has  [ Read More ]

A New Field to Call Home

Posted by maiZe December - 20 - 2009 6 Comments

Welcome to the new home of my blog! For nearly 2 years, I’ve been hosted by the awesome Ray Mescallado over on intlwota.com, but recently I started thinking that I should maybe get my own hosting and domain, seeing as I’ve lasted a lot longer with this blog than I originally thought I would. This blog will last for as long as my H!P love continues on… Hopefully. XD

Happy 2nd Cake Day Fields!!

Posted by maiZe November - 8 - 2009 2 Comments

Wow… 2 years. Can you believe it’s been two years since this blog began? I definitely can’t. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I went out and got some cake for Cake Day! ^_^ And seeing as I’ve been getting loads of Aichan and Risa merchandise recently, Leader and Sub-leader came to join in on the celebration! If you can’t figure out what I was doing… The tiramisu is the mouth  [ Read More ]

100 posts for the fields!! ^_^

Posted by maiZe July - 27 - 2009 5 Comments

Well, who would have thunk it? fields of maiZe and berryZ has hit 100 posts. I noticed after posting my last Anime Expo post that I was at 99, and I wanted my 100th to have my framed Morning Musume autographs in the post. However, I had a few things I wanted to write up in the meanwhile and I didn’t think I could wait 2 weeks before that… Unfortunately  [ Read More ]

Time For A New Blog Theme!

Posted by maiZe May - 11 - 2009 1 Comment

Hey everyone! Sorry for the infrequent updating on here, and on my worship blogs. There are a lot of things going on for me at the moment. International Wota is currently screening applicants who want to join the IW staff, so interviews and application reviewing is taking up a lot of time. In addition there are some new things being planned for IW, so please look forward to some changes  [ Read More ]

Happy 2nd Birthday International Wota!! ^_^

Posted by maiZe March - 17 - 2009 4 Comments

A lot can happen in a year, and this past year has definitely been filled with unexpected surprises. It’s amazing that today marks International Wota’s 2nd anniversary. So first and foremost, I want to say HAPPY CAKE DAY IW!!! <3 The H!P girls are back to celebrate IW’s Cake Day! ^_^ For this special occassion, my brother, johpan (of boylikesmusic), and I baked a special cake for IW.

International Wota Awards 2008

Posted by maiZe January - 17 - 2009 0 Comment

Hey there everyone! It’s that time of the year again… The time to honour the awesome J-music blogs of 2008 by voting in the International Wota Awards! I figure most people who read this blog are already International Wota readers, so you probably know about it already, but it never hurts to plug IW every now and then right? It’s my perogative as one of the admins. XD This year,  [ Read More ]