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My Number 1 Music Love

Posted by maiZe April - 26 - 2010 0 Comment

I love Japanese music. I think that’s evident from this blog (alive for 2.5 years), my fairly new (which is sadly lacking in updates) Arashi blog and my involvement as an admin International Wota. However, even though I’ve been a pretty constant fan of Hello! Project for nearly 9 years now, adopted Angela Aki into my favourite musicians list, and have dabbled here and there with other J-artists over the  [ Read More ]

Canada Wins Its First Gold on Canadian Soil!!!!!!

Posted by maiZe February - 14 - 2010 0 Comment

This obviously has absolutely nothing to do with J-music… But I’m an avid sports fan and the Olympics are on (I don’t think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know that). This is Canada’s third time hosting they Olympics, and until today, we had never won a gold medal on Canadian soil. However, that terrible streak was broken this evening by Alexandre Bilodeau winning the men’s moguls! Congratulations Alex!!! I  [ Read More ]

Midori's Survey: My Musical Preferences

Posted by maiZe May - 31 - 2009 1 Comment

Midori over at Midori’s J-pop Overanalyzations posted a survey asking about people’s musical preferences. I have to admit that the reason I was so excited to do this survey was for the last question… I LOVE MUSICALS!!! <3 Anyway, here are my answers! Enjoy! ^_^ Gender: Female Approximate age: 21-30 1. What was the first pop song you remember liking? The first pop song I liked completely of my own  [ Read More ]

Happy Birthday Taylor!!

Posted by maiZe March - 13 - 2009 1 Comment

I know it’s been about a month since my last post, but fear not! A J-pop related post is coming up soon. However this post is obviously not J-pop related as the title suggests. Today, March 14th marks Taylor Hanson’s 26th birthday, so I’m here to give him a nice big shout out and to get the word out on his latest project. On March 20th at the SXSW festival  [ Read More ]

Take The Walk

Posted by maiZe December - 3 - 2008 6 Comments

I realize that this is one of my random non-Japanese related posts, but this is a topic that’s close to my heart, and even though it’s Hanson related, and I know lots of people see their name and go “EWWWW”… They’re doing some pretty awesome things, so if you have a few minutes, I’d appreciate it if you could at least… skim? … this entry. XD I got home from  [ Read More ]

Happy Birthday Zac!!

Posted by maiZe October - 22 - 2008 0 Comment

Here we go with another one of my random non-Jpop related posts on the Jpop-centric blog. XD However, today is a special day which I cannot let go by without a word (though, I’m currently about 50 minutes from having let that happen…) Today is Zachary Walker Hanson’s 23rd birthday!!! And as my favourite member of Hanson, I thought he deserved a good old birthday post. Zac at last year’s  [ Read More ]

High-King, to You I Pledge My Fealty

Posted by maiZe June - 12 - 2008 6 Comments

Yesterday, High-King’s single ‘CC (Cinderella Complex)’ was released in Japan and thus put up on Hello!Online. I have ordered my copy, and it will soon be on its way to me, so, much like Buono!’s ‘Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!’ I don’t feel guilty doing a review (not that I really feel guilty reviewing things I don’t own…). But anyway, I haven’t spoken about this group as of yet, and so one of the  [ Read More ]

Who Would I Marry Based On Voice Alone?

Posted by maiZe April - 14 - 2008 1 Comment

Raid from Raid My Minibar asked an interesting question on one of his recent posts: Who would you marry based purely on voice? This question intrigued me, so I thought I’d give my answer to his question. In his blog, he mentions to list your top 3. It’s not particularly specified that they have to be Japanese singers, and from what I can gather, it looks like Raid’s #1 is  [ Read More ]

Morris Peterson – My #1 Raptor

Posted by maiZe March - 31 - 2008 2 Comments

On Sunday, March 30, 2008, I attended a Toronto Raptors basketball game and was nearly moved to tears. What could have happened at a basketball that moved me so? Read on to find out… This 2007-2008 basketball season marks the first year since I’ve become a serious Toronto Raptors fan (that started sometime in 2000 or 2001) where my favourite player isn’t wearing the Raptors jersey. Morris Peterson (aka “Mo  [ Read More ]

C-ute vs Berryz Koubou: 2 album reviews

Posted by maiZe March - 14 - 2008 12 Comments

First off, I don’t think I explicitly said this in my previous post, so: A big shoutout to Ray for hosting me on intlwota! Thank you so much for your help and generosity! I am ridiculously appreciative! 😀 So, C-ute’s 3rd album came out earlier this week, and of course that meant that I had to review it. I was so excited for this album. You would not believe how  [ Read More ]