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As always, I’m ridiciously late to the party (or maybe you could say I’m just barely on time). MorningBerryz has a new contest going on at her blog. Which closes… in just under 6 hours. XD Basically, she’s asking what 5 J-pop songs you would recommend “to turn a friend onto some of your favorite music♪♪”. In my choosing of songs, I have mainly picked older songs which have stuck  [ Read More ]


It’s been quite some time since I last did a memoerable snippets post, but I’m back! Now, what made me come back to this series (though I actually have another video clip snipped and ready to, I’ve just been too lazy to do it)? Who has listened to Morning Musume’s latest album? I’m figuring most people reading this post will have. Well, when the tracklist was announced, I was absolutely  [ Read More ]

The 2009 fields Awards are Finally Here!!

Posted by maiZe February - 15 - 2010 4 Comments

The long awaited annual fields awards are here!!! (haha. People probably didn’t even realize that I hadn’t done them yet. XD) I’ve gotten a little distracted recently with a test that I’ve been studying for and venturing into a new fandom – Arashi. I gotta say the timing of my foray into the work of Arashi was horrible. But this is my H!P blog, so I won’t blab about them  [ Read More ]


I had really hoped that Aya’s fall concert DVD would arrive while I was on Christmas vacation. Alas, it didn’t arrive until yesterday. That of course meant that I had to drop anything I had planned so that I could pop in the DVD and watch (and review)! Below, you will find my review of the concert. The majority of my comments are my initial reactions to the performances. This  [ Read More ]


I came home from work yesterday and was very happy to find a package had arrived from Hawaii! Now I wonder what that could hold for me? ^_^ I have been an Aichan fan for many years now, but I’ve never been much of a photobook buyer. I own over 75% of Morning Musumes singles, a bunch of their albums and some of their concerts, and with the opening of  [ Read More ]

The Era of the Stable 9-nin Musume has Ended

Posted by maiZe December - 6 - 2009 2 Comments

A few hours ago, the sole 7th gen member of Morning Musume, Kusumi Koharu, graduated from the longest stable line up that Morning Musume has ever had. I realize that many blogs are commemorating this date with various pic spam posts and goodbye messages. While she was never a favourite member of mine, she was definitely an interesting character and Morning Musume will have a different feel to it as  [ Read More ]


A new snippet in just a little over a month! Go me! I actually still have another snippet I want to post that’s ready to go, but I haven’t gotten around to writing it up yet. However, this evening as I was wandering around my harddrives, I stumbled upon this episode of Hello! Morning from 2004. To lead into this snippet, you must first watch this clip from the Okajo  [ Read More ]

Happy 2nd Cake Day Fields!!

Posted by maiZe November - 8 - 2009 2 Comments

Wow… 2 years. Can you believe it’s been two years since this blog began? I definitely can’t. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I went out and got some cake for Cake Day! ^_^ And seeing as I’ve been getting loads of Aichan and Risa merchandise recently, Leader and Sub-leader came to join in on the celebration! If you can’t figure out what I was doing… The tiramisu is the mouth  [ Read More ]

My 2nd Hello!Store USA Order Arrived!! ^_^

Posted by maiZe October - 27 - 2009 1 Comment

I don’t do many gets posts on my blog, but I am just so happy with my latest shipment from Hello!Store USA which is just so full of Lovely Beans that I couldn’t help myself. XD So, let’s pretend you (the reader) have never been to the fields before… Who knows, maybe you haven’t and this really is your first time visiting. There a very difficult pop quiz-like question at  [ Read More ]

Happy Birthday Sub-Leader!!

Posted by maiZe October - 19 - 2009 4 Comments

A month and 6 days after Leader’s birthday, it’s Sub-Leader’s turn! That’s right. Today (it’s already Oct 20th in Japan), Morning Musume’s Sub-Leader, Niigaki Risa turns 21! It’s not a milestone over in Japan, but the next time Morning Musume heads to the US, she’ll be able to go out drinking with Ai-chan (and by then Eri as well, I’m sure), if their schedules allow for it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RISA!!!  [ Read More ]