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Berryz Koubou at AnimeNext 2012

Posted by maiZe June - 9 - 2012 1 Comment

So, it’s been the lonnnnnggggesst time since I last updated this thing, but I needed a place to post some photos (that isn’t facebook), so I figured why not here… On my (very badly neglected) Hello! Project blog? XD

Anyway, as you can tell from the title of this post, I went (am at) AnimeNext in New Jersey. The concert yesterday was amazing (with an amazing setlist, though my favourite BK song “Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba” was not played”). And today was the Q&A and signing session. I won’t get into too many details because I need to eat dinner real quick and then head out to help with Hello! Party 3, but here’s a quick summary of the signing session (which was the most important part of the day).

They wanted to get through as many people as possible, so we weren’t allowed to give gifts, handshake, etc. during the signing. Just have your merch ready for signing and go.

So I had the back page of the 2009 BK calendar ready for signing. First up was Captain. She looked up, gave me a smile and “Hello!”, signed and a thank you (which responded to with “Arigatou!”). Up next was the same with Momochi, Chinami and Maasa. (Sorry guys, they were not my highlight). I get to Miya and she gives me a big “Hello!” As she’s signing, I say “Miya, daisuki! Daisuki!” She looks up at me, then notices my shirt (her 18th birthday shirt), points and gives a cute “Oh!!!!” She finishes signing the poster and I’m ready to move on to Yurina, when Miya sticks her hand out to me (Maasa was lagging a bit with the person behind me). So even though the rules were “NO HANDSHAKES!!!!” Miya’s the one who stuck her hand out, and it would be SUPER rude of me to NOT shake her hand… XD So I shook her hand, and at the same time remembered to say “Toronto, Canada ni kimashita!!!” Her eyes widened in surprise and said “Arigatou!! :DDD” (*/me dies*) Then I moved on to Yurina and Risako… And their parts went much the same as the first four girls.

While waiting for the raffle for the signed banner, I was sitting the crowd and waiting for Miya to have moments where no one was with her. She saw me a few times and gave a big smile and wave. ^_^ Happy day.

So here are some photos I got from today. While we were waiting outside for the Q&A, the girls went by on their way into the building. I got some nice shots (and a video which I’ll post a link to once it uploads). They also allowed a few pictures to be taken before the Q&A started. Enjoy the photos! 😀

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  1. Hayley says:

    Miya reached to shake my hand too! How cute of her to want to shake fans’ hands! Or maybe it was just those who showed favoritism towards her xD It was amazing to see them, and I’m glad to hear about how much fun both the girls and the fans had.