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Why hello there readers!! (If any of you are left. XD)

Today marks International Wota’s 4th birthday, so as to continue with tradition, here is my cake day post!!

In previous years, I have always had (either homemade or bought) cake to celebrate. However, this year, I’ve been trying my hand at making crepes…. So…

The photo in the background is a photo from Aichan’s blog – her birthday cake. Because I’m an Aichan geek, I added her birthday cake to celebrate IW’s birthday. :)

This year has been a year full of ups and downs for IW. However, as mentioned in the title, this is a belated cake day post. I haven’t posted on here for a while, but I think anyone reading this blog (heck, everyone in the world), knows about the terrible tragedy that happened in Japan. The earthquake and tsunami hit one week before IW’s 4th birthday and we felt that in the aftermath of the disaster, it wasn’t the appropriate time to celebrate and go about pimping our contest and awards. So, this year, we delayed Cake Day by a week.

Japan obviously has a long road to recovery, and they’re still dealing with their nuclear complications. So to do our part to help a country which gives so much enjoyment and entertainment, IW and other bloggers within the IW community decided to pull together and set up a charity auction to raise funds for Japan relief.

Information on the charity auction can be found here. I’ve donated pieces of my Hello! Project collection and Arashi collection for this good cause, so if any of you readers happen to win those items, please take care of my babies! <3 And now, as Cake Day basically comes to a close, I shall close this post with my usual "making of" set of photos. You will notice that I am no good at making round crepes. XD They have fingers which freak the heck out of my mom. Also, for the Filipinos who read this (or people who know Filipino food), my grandma tried a crepe (which we put ice cream in). You know what she said? "In my 90 years on this earth, this is my first time having ice cream lumpia." ... XD I love my Lola! <3 [gallery link="file"] HAPPY 4th CAKE DAY IW!!!! Edit: Also, IW suggested that anyone who didn't want to bake a cake could also donate any money they might have spent on cake supplies to Japan relief. In addition to my crepes, I wanted to mention that I'm donating to the earthquake relief fund at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre’s. If you’re in Canada/Ontario and have been wondering about a place you might want to donate to, I’d suggest check out the JCCC. I take Japanese lessons there, and what I like is that the money they raise in their fund will be set for 2 phases:

100% of funds received in the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund will be directed to the relief and rebuilding effort required in Japan. In the first emergency response phase, funds are being directed to the Japanese Red Cross through the Canadian Red Cross.

In the next phase of recovery and rebuilding, the JCCC Foundation board will consult with the Japanese and the Canadian government to allocate the Japan Earthquake Relief Funds to effectively rebuild communities in the Tohoku region of Japan.