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Happy Belated 3rd Cake Day fields!

Posted by maiZe November - 10 - 2010 0 Comment

So, I’m sad to say there’s no cake… And really, I’m already late as cake was on November 8th. But I did think that 3 years is something to celebrate even though I haven’t updated this blog since 5th gen’s 9th anniversary.

I do still plan to finish off my Buono! concert review/experience, but since the DVD just released, I’m going to wait until I get it so that I can add photos and video to my review (even though the recorded concert wasn’t the one I attended). So hopefully within the next week or so, I’ll get that up.

But to celebrate the fields’ 3rd anniversary, I thought I’d post 2 performances from the H!P summer concert DVD. I attended this concert, and I can see a guy who was just a little bit away from where I was. I remember his red glowstick pinwheel. I tried listening for the Eri fangirl behind me, but alas, with all the Eri love going on in that concert, I couldn’t single her out.

Anyway, my commentary on these two videos are found in my H!P summer afternoon concert review, even though these performances are from the evening concert.

Watch Airi at the ~1:25 mark. These are those super powerful hip thrusts I mentioned in my review. ^_^

Happy 3rd cake day fields!!! I’ll try to stop neglecting you. XD <3 PS. The cake in the preview was from field's 2nd birthday. -_-;