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Leader and Subleader Celebrate 9 Years!!!

Posted by maiZe August - 26 - 2010 0 Comment

After 3 weeks on vacation, I’m finally home again. After my one week in Japan (where I have so far only blogged about Day 1), I was in the Philippines for 2 weeks eating, shopping, eating, visiting family, eating, sightseeing, eating, and avoiding any major major problems in the motherland (bonus points to anyone who gets the funny in that).

I will backtrack in my next post to talk about the Buono! concert I attended on Day 5 of my Japan trip, this post is meant for my two favourite Morning Musume girls – the remaining 5h generation.

Today marks the 9th anniversary of when Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa joined Morning Musume along with their fellow gokkies Ogawa Makoto and Konno Asami. 9 years! It’s amazing to think I’ve been listening to Morning Musume for 9 years now.

Today, during my travels back home, johpan and I had a short stop over in Narita. I really wanted to tweet from there and link to that tweet – that I was in Japan on this momentous (well, 9 years in the group is a pretty big feat) day.

I won’t go into why I love these two so much yet again. I did enough of that on their 8th anniversary. XD But… I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I started up another blog dedicated to these two lovely ladies called Lovely Bean. I had started off translating Risa’s blog entries… But she updates so freaking often that I couldn’t keep up… Though now that I’m back from vacation, maybe I ‘ll try translating at least the more interesting posts that I see – like anything that has to do with Aichan and the other Gokkies.

Anyway, to celebrate this day, here are some clips of the girls.

Video of Aichan & Risa’s Duet Ano Hi Ni Modoritai from Morning Musume’s 10 MY ME album performed at Momusu’s 2010 Spring concert.

Check out this post from Lovely Bean which has some around Aichan fail moments, but Risa’s there to add her word on Aichan’s ability to fumble during concerts.

This Lovely Bean post has Aichan and Risa’s Futarigoto: A Close Friend.