New Plan For Aichan Blog Translations

Hey anyone who still reads this poorly updated blog!

If you have been randomly checking in, you will have noticed a number of updates recently as I’ve resumed my quest to translate Aichan’s blog. As any Aichan fan knows, the Lovely leader of Morning Musume and Hello! Project is scheduled to graduate from both groups during Morning Musume’s fall tour. Check out my reaction/ first tribute post on fields of maiZe in the morning. Even if you don’t feel like reading my ramblings on why I love Aichan, check out the cute Aichan videos at the bottom of the post.

So, with the impending graduation, I’ve decided that I need to get back on track with Aichan blog translations. However, having fallen behind by 3 months, I have come to accept that it will take me forever to catch up. And, seeing how I want to keep up with what’s going on with Aichan as we move closer and closer to the graduation, I need to translate the most recent posts first. For all previous posts I’ve written up, I’m changing the dates to the dates that Aichan (or Risa for Risa blog posts) first posted it. For all future posts, I’ll date and time it in the same way. I’ll be updating with the current day’s posts and with whatever free time I have, I’ll start going backwards until I hopefully get everything translated… eventually. So… wish me luck! I’m gonna do my best!

And, just to make this post not all ramblings from me, here’s a lovely little clip from the 2006 Hello! Morning Christmas Special. The girls had to go to 5 amusement parks and ride 10 attractions in a day so that they could have their Christmas party. The group was split into two, and the clip I have follows the team of interest for this blog: Aichan and Risa with Eri and Sayu. It shows attractions 8 and 9 of their challenge. #8 is actually Risa and Sayu riding together, but Aichan is just too adorable during attraction #8 that I had to include it. And challenge #9 is just absolute gold as Risa and Aichan ride a rollercoaster together.

I just love Aichan’s facial expression through the whole rollercoaster. She’s having the time of her life! … And Rome… in France. lololol.

Well, I hope you guys (or maybe the one person reading/watching this XD) enjoyed that video! There will be more Aichan and Risa goodness to come in the coming weeks and months so as to load up on their wonderful friendship before Morning Musume is reduced to having only 1 remaining Gokki. And for now, off I go to get working on translating Aichan’s blog! 😀

Ai Blog: Keep At It!

2011-03-14 19:28:28

What can I do?

For now, we can save energy.

I’m watching the news and such, but it’s not setting in.

There is also an Ameba group where you can leave comments for those in affected areas.

Somehow, we won’t lose!!!

Note: I think this is the ameba group Aichan is referring to:
Amebaグルっぽ 「東北地方太平洋沖地震情報共有グルっぽ」 (Ameba Group “North-Eastern Pacific Ocean region earthquake information sharing group”)


Ai Blog: .

2011-03-12 08:44:20

Yesterday, during rehearsal a sudden earthquake occurred.

It was really abrupt… I was suprised.

But, all of Morning Musume is safe. Please rest assured.

But naturally, I wonder why such a thing would happen…

I’m worried about all the damage that’s happening.

I’m praying for a very quick recovery.


Risa Blog: no-title

2011 March 11 @ 23:24

During rehearsal today a sudden earthquake came, it was horribly scary.

But rest assured that I’m safe.

We’re very worried about the victims,
I’m praying for a very quick recovery.


Ai Blog: Aika♪

2011-02-16 00:21:58

Lunch with aika♪

Korean food again。

But、aika doesn’t like spicy food・・・

So we did Bulgogi↓

It came out。
It’s half eaten。lol

The onion buchimgae (Korean pancake) was also delicious〜。

To be continued・・・


Ai Blog: Shy Person。

2011-02-15 10:53:24

Sayashi wanted to eat a strawberry↓

Beside her, Fukumura fed her。

It was so cute
Sayu and I had to take a picture。

Her shyness is too cute。。



Behind is Ikuta〜〜

It’s so amusing♪

However, rehearsals for the spring tour will be starting soon
and we need to remember that there are mountain-like expectations…

I definitely think it will be difficult。

I hope that the lovely smiles of the young 9th generation won’t disappear。。

Keep at it, okay!!

And、as for me I’ll do my best too。



2011-02-15 10:32:01

Sayashi Riho chan

On the left: Ikuta Erina chan
On the right: Suzuki Kanon chan


Ai Blog: icHigo yeah! Reina Yaeh!!!

icHigo yeah! Reina Yaeh!!!
2011-02-15 10:29:39

During the event when we got some strawberries、
Reina stuffed her cheeks♪

I tried to hide while taking the photo。。

But I was discovered lol

Sayu was normal for the photo〜

Bad luck。


Ai Blog: cookie♥

2011-02-15 02:07:07

I tried to make a Mickey-shaped cookie☆

This year I didn’t make only candy
It was super fun♥


Ai Blog: Who are you??

Who are you??
2011-02-15 01:24:24

Now、who is this person??

The correct answer is。。


LINLIN sent this to me the other day〜
So cute♪♪


Ai Blog: AiKA & MiZUKi

2011-02-14 10:55:21

On the left: Mitsui Aika-chan

On the right: Fukumura Mizuki-chan

Aika is very concerned about Fukumura’s situation。

Aika is always approaching saying、

aika 「What is it??」

mizuki 「Nothing、it’s harmless!!」

That’s a typical conversation between them。lol